Located at only 5 minutes from the Airport, Palm Resort Hotel consists of 6 villas, rooms and suites.

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Palm Resort Hotel stands from all others thanks to its architecture, its original landscaping with pool, its beauty parlor and especially its well-known and trendy restaurant « The Le PI restaurant (the pi) ».

It is also the most advisable location for any kind of ceremonies. Whatever your reason for visiting Palm resort, our hotel will become your second home.

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With its discrete bar and friendly restaurant the Le PI restaurant (pi), the restaurant that belongs to Palm Resort, welcomes you a familial, warm and friendly context.

It’s time for you to discover an exceptional place and its exceptional cuisine, according to seasons.
Taste a cuisine that is both inventive, tasty, traditional and diversified!

The Le PI restaurant (pi) team members offer to its clients their expertise in matter of event organizing and suggest a wide range of choice for customizing all types of ceremony. This may concern just a light launch, a dinner party or a specific command for a custom menu. 

The team handles everything : aperitifs as well as digestives; indoors or outdoors events such as parties in the garden, under the sun or fiestas at the pool.

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The Spinoza villa is provided with large living rooms, ideal for a whole family. There is a paddling pool for children as well as a well-designed garden for adults. In the villa, you have full access to a lounge and a dining room, with a beautiful view over the pool. You are provided with a kitchen, 2 bedrooms upstairs with a shared bathroom and another one downstairs.

Welfia is a modern villa with a clear and modern design. It includes 3 air-conditioned rooms. The lounge and dining rooms give direct access to the huge walkway outside the pool. The geometric shape of this latter, enhances the elegant appearance of the whole architecture.

With its contemporary style, Areca is a villa designed for families and small groups looking for comfort and ultimate pleasure.

At Cycas’s, family members can enjoy the comfort of a whole villa, a spacious garden and a swimming pool. With its 3 bedrooms, parents ensure separating children's sleeping area from their own.

Gently implanted behind its pool and pergolas, Elaeis villa consists of 3 elegant rooms, you can feast there, with family and friends, within an area filled with a truly comfort and coziness!

In addition to its sublime location behind the boardwalk, Caryota combines functionality, comfort and elegance.

Synonymous with splendor and distinction, the Suite is ideal for long or short stays. Luxurious, spacious and refined, it has a unique character with its panoramic view and its large roof made of glass.

Raphia 2 represents space and fun. This room is a subtle reflection of discreet luxury. It offers an intimate and tasteful decor.

The decor and comfort of Raphia 3 allows forgetting the bustle of cities. It promises an outstanding stay as soon as you cross the villa’s gate.

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In a quiet and peaceful place, enjoy a state of well being with exotic flavors, in the hands of our professional massagist. She will gently relax all the muscles in your body.

Do you need to change your mind or just to entrust your hair to an expert’s cares? The Hairdressing salon "sixth sense" will satisfy all your desires. They will be able to shape fine and stylish haircuts to please you.

The whole team shares a common knowledge and a genuine sense of hospitality that makes each guest feel unique and irresistible as soon as his first passage at the beauty parlor.

Get in and pamper yourself with the benefits of the sauna on your body and your mind.
If you will, you can access to a private space for your moments of relaxation with your friends or family members.

Experience a real moment of happiness, and journey to the heart of true Beauty Salon. Meet the worlds of make-up and Body care with SIXTH SENSE. The experience and expertise of our team are there to fulfill all your expectations and will provide you the appropriate cares for your body. A little touch of our beautician artists will transform you to a new and more beautiful person.

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